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Term of use

Terms and Conditions for users to (Individuals/Groups)

1. Purpose

a. The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to provide for any and all matters necessary for the Korea Tourism Organization Thailand Brand(“KTOT”)to manage website promoting tourism in Korea("KTOW).

b. KTOW shall provide all of its services to users when they consent to the Terms and Conditions and shall be operated in accordance with such governing conditions.

c. The details of these Terms and Conditions may be updated from time to time and are subject to such changes without notice.

2. Definition of Users

a. Users of KTOW are comprised of members and non-members and refer to any and all persons who obtain and use information from KTOW.

b. Members of KTOW are classified as individual or group members.

3. Other Applicable Laws

The Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the Telecommunications Business Act, other applicable laws, and standard commercial practices in the Republic of Korea.

4. Members

a. Any individuals and groups that wish to become members of KTOW may obtain membership by filling in and submitting membership forms online.

b. KTOT shall grant membership to individuals and groups that submit said membership forms except in the following cases:

  i) When there is any false or omitted information, or when individuals and groups have been classified incorrectly; and

  ii) When the Terms and Conditions are breached

c. Any changes to information on individual and group members shall promptly be made in member's profiles at KTOW. The members concerned shall be liable for any damages stemming from failure to make such changes.

5. Membership Cancellation and Removal

a. Members may cancel their memberships at any time by requesting to admin officers of KTOT via email or phone call. KTOT shall ensure that membership cancellations are promptly completed without any difficulty.

b. Members who wish to cancel their memberships with VisitKorea may regain such memberships at any time throughout the ensuing membership registration process.

c. In any of the following cases, KTOT may limit the access of its members or terminate their memberships:

  i) When a member disparages a specific country, individual, or group or engages in any act that may cause diplomatic friction;

  ii) When a member enters false information when registering for membership or changing member information;

  iii) When a member violates any law or any condition as stated herein;

  iv) When a member makes an unauthorized change in the information contained in KTOW;

  v) When a member infringes upon the human rights or intellectual property rights of a third party and information held by KTOW;

  vi) When a member illegally collects and uses the other members' identification information;

  vii) When a member disseminates information, texts, or statistical data on other individuals or groups (Korean or foreign) that are sensitive in nature or violates generally accepted practices and common courtesy; and

  viii) When a member commits a criminal act.

6. KTOT’s Information Protection Policy Regarding Individual and Group Members

KTOT shall tightly protect information of all individual and group members.

7. Use of Information

a. KTOT shall freely provide information to users.

b. KTOW shall incorporate tourism information contents (texts, images, multi-media contents, moving pictures, etc.), boards, communities, forums, reservation sections, business information, and so forth.

c. KTOT shall not retain the authority to censor the web page, but reserves the right to update or delete contents in accordance with its internal principles. KTOT may limit use of its contents, in part or in whole, by users without notice when there exists a justifiable cause.

8. Obligations of KTOT

KTOT shall not engage in any act in violation of laws or the Terms and Conditions, and shall provide uninterrupted and reliable services under the Terms and Conditions.

9. Obligations of Individual and Group Users

a.Users agree that they will not engage in any of the following acts:

  i) Providing false information when registering for membership or changing member information;

  ii) Making any unauthorized changes to the contents of KTOW

  iii) Infringing upon a third party's human rights or intellectual property rights, or upon free or charged services provided by KTOW and KTOT;

  iv) Surreptitiously using another member's ID;

  v) Disseminating information disruptive of public order and morals in any form including texts and images;

  vi) Committing a criminal act; and

  vii) Acts in violation of laws and the Terms and Conditions.

b. any of the acts set forth in the foregoing paragraph 'a', VisitKorea may suspend or terminate the memberships of individual and group members who commit d delete information on such users without notice in accordance with its internal regulations.

10. Obligations of Individual and Group Members Regarding IDs and Passwords

a. Individual and group members shall assume full responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of their IDs and passwords.

b. They shall not cause any third party to use their IDs or passwords.

c. They shall immediately notify KTOT of any leakage or unauthorized use of their IDs and passwords, and fully comply with the security policies of KTOW

11. Handling of Advertisers

Members agree that if any individual or group member places an advertisement on KTOW through a specific advertiser, KTOT shall not assume any liability for any losses incurred therefrom because the concerned commercial transaction is by and between the member and advertiser.

12. Restrictions on Storage

a. Members agree that KTOT may restrict the storage capacity, effective period of contents storage, and so forth in member’s Page.
b. Members agree that KTOT may suspend or delete member’s Page inactive for a certain period of time.

13. Authority and Liability Regarding Posted Matters

a. KTOT shall retain authority over all contents posted on the web page if not objected by contents providers or if specifically agreed between KTOT and contents providers; provided, however, that the person who posts content shall have the rights to and liability for such content as is provided through a community, board, and so forth, and KTOT shall have the right to use such posted matters.

b. No member shall commercially use posted matters including processing and selling information that the member acquires through use of KTOW's services; provided, however, that if any member wishes to use posted matters for a non-commercial purpose, such member shall obtain the consent of KTOT therefor.


14. Revision of the Terms and Conditions

KTOT reserves the right to revise the Terms and Conditions.

15. Miscellaneous

The Terms and Conditions shall be construed and executed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea. Execution of the Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the jurisdiction of a court in the Republic of Korea.

The Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on Dec 10, 2018.

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