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Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Recruiting Announcement: English Translator / Editor at KTO

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is looking for new members. The successful candidates will be involved in translating, editing and developing contents.

○ Application period: Until August 28 (Sun), 2016

○ Positions available: English Translator / Editor (Publications), English Translator / Editor (Online Marketing)

○ Contract period: Indefinite duration employment contract after 3 month probationary period

○ Location: Korea Tourism Organization Headquarters in Wonju, Gangwon-do

○ Work tasks:


-Translate and edit tourism related materials from external organizations (provincial government, etc.)

-Translate and edit documents, materials, and publications from internal and external offices of the organization

-Standardize English translation and Romanization of Korean

-Supervise foreign language databaseOnline Marketing

-Translate and edit content for the English VisitKorea website and SNS channels

-Assist in the operations and promotion of the English VisitKorea mobile application

○ Required qualification: One of the following:-Nationality-holder from English-speaking country-Educated in an English-speaking country for over 9 years(※ Education corresponding with the official curriculum for Korean Elementary•Middle•High School and University)

○ Required knowledge:Ability to translate and edit Korean/English texts, ability to use OA system

○ Required skills:-Outstanding Korean-to-English translation skill and ability to perform work tasks and communicate in Korean-Experience in Korean-English translation, editing and Korean reading comprehension, using OA systems, ability to network with established contacts

○ Work behavior: Consumer-oriented manner, able to engage in harmonious communication with others, cooperate with outside organizations, project-oriented, analytical, attention to details, morally sound, etc.

○ Basic skills: Understanding others, communication, numeracy, problem-solving, self-improvement, resource management, information-processing, interpersonal, work ethics

○ How to apply: After confirming the job description, fill out the attached official application form and submit via email to ktorecruit@knto.or.kr. Application is also available in Korean through the KTO recruitment page (click here).

○ Inquiries: +82-33-738-3143

○ FormsApplication

Form [Download]

Job Description [Download]

Personal Information Agreement Form [Download]


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