[Korea] วางจำหน่ายแล้ว! บัตร Discover Seoul Pass กับ Pyeongchang

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Discover Seoul Pass with Pyeongchang is Now Available!

Photo: Discover Seoul Pass with Pyeongchang Limited Edition (Credit: Seoul Tourism Organization)

In celebration of D-100 of PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games, Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Tourism Organization have joined together to release limited edition of Discover Seoul Pass with Pyeongchang! The passes are exclusively for international visitors and are limited in supply of 5,000 cards total.

Discover Seoul Pass is a special tourist card that provides free admission to 21 major attractions and discount offers at 13 different cultural performances and duty free shops within Seoul. It also functions as a transportation card, allowing users to load amounts into the card and use as a payment method when using public transportation. The recently released limited edition card comes with more benefits than the original to ensure that international tourists who visit Korea enjoy both Seoul and Gangwon-do conveniently.

BThe newly released Discover Seoul Pass with Pyeongchang will be available for use until March 31 within the card’s valid duration. Limited edition pass holders will be able to enjoy discounts up to 50% off at a total of 95 major resorts and attractions within Seoul and Gangwon-do. Affiliated resorts and attractions include, but not limited to, Alpensia Resort, High1 Resort, Phoenix Pyeongchang, Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm and Jeongseon Rail Bike. Discount privileges are also extended to pass holders who will be using tour related services such as rental cars, shuttle buses, ferries, etc. In addition, special gifts or incentives will be given at a total of 250 affiliated accommodation services, including AirBnB and Kozaza. That’s not all – certain benefits are exclusively added to the limited edition pass, like the free admission to Seoul Square Skating Rink and discounts at Paradise Casino Walker Hill(Gwangjin-gu) and Marigold Hotel (Mapo-gu).

Discover Seoul Pass with Pyeongchang is available at the same price of a regular Discover Seoul Pass – 39,900 won for a 24-hour card and 55,000 won for a 48-hour card. This limited edition pass is available for purchase at 25 offline stores, including Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center and CU convenience store in Incheon International Airport, as well as 12 online stores, such as One More Trip.

If you are planning on a trip to Seoul and Gangwon-do this winter, don’t miss out on all the benefits provided by Discover Seoul Pass with Pyeongchang!


More Info

Discover Seoul Pass with Pyeongchang Limited Edition ☞ Card types: 24-hour (39,900 won), 48-hour (55,000 won) ☞ Valid period: November 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018 ☞ Benefits: Free admission to 21 major attractions and discount offers at 13 shops in Seoul / Discount offers at major resorts and attractions in Gangwon-do ☞ Instructions: Purchase via offline or online retail stores and present the card at affiliated locations within its valid period (24 hr / 48 hr) ☞ Retail locations – Offline: 25 Retail locations including CU convenience stores in Incheon International Airport at Arrivals Gate 1F and Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center – Online: 12 Retail websites including One More Trip (English, Japanese, Chinese) ☞ Discover Seoul Pass website: www.discoverseoulpass.com (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) ☞ Related page: Transportation Cards ☞ 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)


Information courtesy of Seoul Tourism Organization