[Korea] ร่วมงานเทศกาลโคมไฟดอกบัว Yeon Deung Hoe

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Come Enjoy Yeon Deung Hoe, Lighting up the Seoul Night!

Photo: Grand Lotus Lantern Parade (Credit: Yeon Deung Hoe)

Come celebrate the birth of Buddha through the bright lanterns of the Yeon Deung Hoe (Lotus Lantern Festival). Designated National Intangible Heritage No. 122, the festival will be lighting up the night in areas throughout Seoul for three days, April 28-30. Major events will take place along the streets of Jongno, and especially at Jogyesa Temple. The slogan for 2017’s festival is “We Can Make a World without Discrimination,” created with the aim of promoting respect and kindness among all, giving co-ownership of the festival to the citizens.

Starting from the eve celebrations on April 28, the festival is set to present a full course of activities and events for tourists to participate in. The largest and perhaps most eye-catching of the events planned are the exhibitions of traditional lanterns taking place around Jogyesa and Bongeunsa Temples, and Cheongyecheon Stream from April 28 until May 7. The displays will include lanterns of all shapes and sizes made from various materials. The highlight of the festival, the Lotus Lantern Parade will take place from 7 p.m. on April 29. Starting from Dongdaemun area, the parade will walk along the main avenue of Jongno before arriving at Jogyesa Temple. Visitors who miss the grand parade can enjoy a similar experience on April 30, when Yeondeungnori takes place. This final ceremony includes lanterns, music, and performers, for a fun and exciting evening.

More information on the festival events, including a schedule and venue locations can be found on the official Yeon Deung Hoe website.


More Info

2017 Yeon Deung Hoe ☞ Period: April 28-30, 2017 ☞ Venue: Area of Jongno Avenue (Heunginjimun GateJogyesa Temple), Cheongyecheon Stream, Jogyesa Temple, Bongeunsa Temple ☞ Directions – Jongno Avenue (parade starting point): Dongdaemun Station (Seoul Subway Line 1, 4), Exit 6 or 9. Walk approx. 1-2 min. – Cheonggyecheon Stream (Cheonggye Plaza): Gwanghwamun Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 5. Walk approx. 3 min. – Jogyesa Temple: Jonggak Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), Exit 2. Walk approx. 6 min. / Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 6. Walk approx. 6 min. – Bongeunsa Temple: Bongeunsa Station (Seoul Subway Line 9), Exit 1. Walk approx. 2 min. / Samseong Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 6. Walk approx. 12 min. ☞ Yeon Deung Hoe website: www.llf.or.kr (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Spanish) ☞ Inquiries: +82-2-2011-1744 (Korean), +82-2-2011-1746 (English) ☞ 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)


Information courtesy of Yeon Deung Hoe